Winter Wonderland Party
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Winter Wonderland Party

We had so much fun throwing our Couples Hot Cocoa and S’mores party. Planning a time to celebrate with your significant other and friends is a great way to spend date night. So much fun for Christmas, New Years or Valentine’s Day.

Winter Wonderland Party


We loved using Buffalo Plaid for the party theme. The red and black was so much fun to mix together. We love red, since it is the color of love. It just took this party over the top.

We knew that we wanted a fun, but simple backdrop for the food table. Nikkala designed this Winter Wonderland Printable Backdrop for us and we couldn’t love it more.

Winter Wonderland Backdrop Printable


I’ve got to admit, this might be my favorite snack mix ever. And that’s saying a lot cause I’m not a huge S’mores fan. But this S’more Snack Mix Recipe is killer.

Smore snack mix recipe


Nikkala made up these fun DIY Tumbler Mugs with printable insert that fit right inside these DIY Mugs.

Keep Warm and Snuggle Up Tumbler Printables


If you are a S’mores lover, these S’mores Cupcakes are a MUST have. The best part is these cupcakes are made with a doctored cake mix recipe.

smores cupcake recipe


This S’more Parfait Recipe makes up a yummy treat. These are easy to throw together but look amazing!

This S'more Parfait Recipe makes up a yummy treat. These are easy to throw together but look amazing! Try these for your next get together.


Winter Wonderland Party

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