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Watercolor Fall Leaves


I’m excited to share this fun Watercolor Fall Leaves project today.

This whole project came about when my girls and I decided to use watercolor paints. I love the idea of teaching them different ways to create and watercolor is our new favorite medium.


What you’ll need to recreate this project:

  • Watercolors: I love using this great watercolor pallet from Crayola.
  • Leaves punch from Fiskers
  • paper
  • and one of the printables below


Start by having your budding artist use the watercolors to create circles on the paper. Let them do whatever. It doesn’t matter if it’s light, dark, too much, mixes. You’ll see that this all makes a beautiful creation in the end.


Here’s what ours looked like.

Then set aside to dry.


Once dry grab your punch and start to punch around the paper. This might have been my favorite part. This is where the beauty of it all comes together.


Each leaf is different and unique.

Now download the printable below to turn these leaves into a work of art!


8.5 x 11 4 to a page

Download Black

5 x 7

Download Black


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