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Washi Tape Headbands

Washi Tape Headbands

This is the most simple project….and it’s actually an idea that Q my 5 year-old came up with. She is the best and so creative. She did this one day and I thought, “what a great idea that is!” She even staged a lot of this shoot which  I think is so awesome. I love when she joins me in my shenanigans. This is a fun project you can use for any age of girl.

SUPPLIES:  All you need is blank headbands. They have a great supply over at Hairbow Supplies Etc.  The only other thing is washi tape. Easy enough.

_MG_1511edited full res

HAVE I TOLD YOU I LOVE WASHI TAPE!!!! I do…that’s all. You can use any type of washi tape for this projects. I noticed that when Q and I were making these, that patterned tapes look different when they are on the headband. Ones I thought would be cute, didn’t necessarily look cute and visa versa. So try out a bunch of different ones.

_MG_1510edited full res

Start at one end of the headband and wrap it tightly around the whole headband. Easy enough! Finish it up with washi tape on each end to make it finished.

_MG_1512edited full res

There you have it. Done. These are fun because you can make any pattern, quickly and cheaply.

Wahoo, that’s what we like :).

_MG_1517edited full resHappy crafting!!!!!

xo,  Kirsten

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