Washi Tape Feather Topped Pens

Washi Tape Feather Topped PensWashi Tape Feather Topped Pens

I loved making these fancy pens…with feathers on top!

This week is all about feathers and Thanksgiving as part of our Mother Hen Holidays. I love sharing fun crafts you can do with your family like these Washi Tape Feather Topped Pens.

This is the perfect way to make use of those random pens laying around your house…without tops:)

I thought these would make a fun craft to make for the Thanksgiving table. Add these in a jar around the table settings. Let your guest write what they are thankful for using the feather topped pens.Washi Tape Feather Topped Pens What you’ll need to make Washi Tape Feather Topped Pens:

Just 3 simple items!

-Washi Tape


-Pens (random ones:) They won’t even need a top!

sm-feather-pen-5Gather the feathers at the top of your pen…and hold tightly. While holding…begin wrapping the table around the feathers and onto the pen. Wrap tightly and wrap a few times around the top.sm-feather-pen-2 Slowly move down the pen wrapping the washi tape tightly around in a spiral way. Keep wrapping and pressing until you reach the tip of the pen. Break off the tape at the tip. You can double wrap as well depending on how strong you want the tape wrap to be around the pen.sm-feather-pen-1 Display the Washi Tape Feather Topped pens in a mug or cute container. Leave by a note pad for a quick note or letter.sm-feather-pen

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