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Valentine Candy Taste Off

Grab some Valentine candy while you’re at the store and gather the family for a fun Valentine Candy Taste Off.

Will your group chose a sour candy has the favorite? How do they feel about cinnamon? Are conversation hearts the winner? Every family member could have a different favorite, or you might all agree on the best!

Here’s what you’ll need for your own Valentine Candy Taste Off:

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Directions for Valentine Candy Taste Off

Step 1:

Buy candy

Step 2:

Download and print the download from below. You can fill in the candy names you will be using on the mat and scorecard by using Acrobat Reader. Every person will need their own scorecard and you can give them each their own mat, or have 1 communal one everyone tastes off of.

Step 3:

Set the candy on the mat on it’s designated spot. You can use ramekins, cupcake liners, or just set them directly on the paper.

Step 4:

Each person will taste each candy and give it a score of 1-10 on the scorecard. After every candy has been tasted they can rank them 1st-3rd place on the bottom of the card.


Include another family in your Taste Off by dropping of a set of candy and scorecards to their home. There is an instruction sheet in the download you can include.

To Download your free copy of our Valentine Candy Taste off  just click on the box below.

The file will open a new browser window on your computer. If you have pop-ups blocked this may be an issue. You can save to your computer and will most likely go into your download file. This is a PDF file and should print easily for you.

Download Box


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