Cute Halloween Gift Idea-Trick or Treating Gift for the Kids #halloweengift #cutegiftideas

Trick or Treat Halloween Gift Idea

It’s a favorite night of the year for our kids (and probably yours?)-something they count down to for at least a month, if not longer. Put on the cute (or scary) costumes, paint your face, gobble down dinner and hit the streets to collect candy. Our kids love trick or treating (and we love stealing their Baby Ruths when they get home).

It’s the Fun-Squared girls again! We love to put together cute Halloween gift ideas for our friends during October, but this one is for the kiddos. Put together a cute little Trick or Treating Halloween gift for them before they head out that night.

Cute Halloween Gift Idea-Trick or Treating Gift for the Kids #halloweengift #cutegiftideas

This could be a perfect gift from mom or grandma or even a preschool teacher, neighbor or friend. If you’ve got little ones in your life they’re going to love this.


Trick or Treat Halloween Gift:

This is super simple to put together (always the best type right?).

Supplies Needed:

You can choose what you want to put in your little gift, but here’s what we included.

  • Trick or Treat bag (we found this one at the grocery store)
  • Glow Light (help them be seen while they trick or treat)
  • Snack (something other than candy to fill their tummies that night)
  • Water bottle (with a cute label)

But you can add anything you want to yours!

Cute Ideas to Give the Kids for Trick or Treating this Halloween

We have labels for the water bottles that you can add if you want.

Here’s a PDF with two of them on it-it’s ready to print!

Halloween Water Bottle Label

Then just wrap it around a water bottle and tape it in the back.

Halloween Water Bottle Label

Tie it up all cute and add this fun tag!

Halloween Gift Tag

Here’s the tag for you to use. You can right click and save it to your computer and then open and print, or we have a PDF with several on it ready for you to print.

Trick or Treat Gift Gift Tags

Halloween Gift Tag

Trick or Treat Halloween Gift Idea | Get your kids even more excited for the big night with this cute Trick or Treating Halloween Gift Idea!


Have FUN trick or treating!

And we’d love to have you come over and see some of our other fun Halloween gift ideas like this cute witch’s socks gift or this fun Halloween muddy buddies idea.


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