Travel Essentials for Families
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Travel Essentials for Families

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Traveling with family can be an adventure! Let's make it a great one with these travel essentials for families. Everything to make your trip easier.

Traveling with family can be…. an adventure! Let’s make it a great one with these travel essentials for families. From the coziest travel pillow to the perfect card game for the road. We are sure that these travel essentials will help make your trips successful.

Travel Tips

Before we get to the list of travel essentials, here are a few travel tips to keep in mind. Hopefully they will help make your travels less bumpy.

  • Expect the unexpected. Be flexible! If something doesn’t end up quite as planned, work around it. You will still be able to enjoy your travels and will probably gain a memory for the hiccup.
  • Set a budget. Traveling can get expensive. Plan ahead by setting a budget. Using sites such as Groupon can help you get local deals and save some big bucks on things like activities, amusement parks, and even coffee outings. If you’re traveling to Disneyland or San Diego, book with Get Away Today. They have the best prices and travel agents who will be able to give you all the tips. Plus, you can use promo code: CraftingChicks for an extra $10 off your 2-night or longer Southern California vacation package.
  • Take advantage of the freebies. Going for a walk, watching the sunset and booking a hotel with a free hot breakfast are just a few ways to save even more money while traveling.

Travel Essentials for Kids

Critter Pillow: Kids need to be comfortable when they travel. Finding a cozy spot to rest their heads can be hard when you are cramped in an airplane or car. This travel pillow for kids is the perfect answer. It also doubles as a snuggle buddy.

Crayola Kit: Coloring on the go is a great way to keep kids occupied. You can even turn the task into something more fun, like making a picture diary of your trip. This kit comes with a case that holds pens and paper. It also provides a surface to color on as well as a handle for easy carrying.

Cozy Headphones: Finding headphones that work for kids can be challenging. This set is a great alternative. Use them as a cozy headband and the earbuds stay in place. They are available in a variety of different animals such as a frog, fox, and even a unicorn.

National Geographic Kids Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas: This book is full of activities, facts, and even boredom busters. Perfect for older kids who need something to keep their minds busy during long trips.

Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game: This is a great travel game to keep kids and even parents entertained. Start playing early in your travels to gain the upperhand in the game.

Travel Essentials for Adults

Microfiber Neck Pillow: Snoozing and traveling go hand in hand. Especially when longer trips are involved. This cozy pillow will let you catch some Z’s while staying comfortable at the same time.

Travel Jewelry Box: Keep necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings in a safe spot while you hop around the globe. This compact box has compartments to keep all of your treasures safe and sound even when your bags may get tossed around a bit.

Columbia Luggage Set: If you make an investment in a good set of luggage, you will probably get away with replacing it every 15 years, sometimes longer. I like this set because it is durable, has built in locks, and it comes in a variety of colors. Customize it with a luggage tag or ribbon for easy identification if you plan on traveling by air.

Packing Cubes: These are life changing when it comes to traveling. Keep your items organized inside of a cube for easy transfer from suitcase to your temporary travel destination. This set even comes with a laundry pouch to keep your dirty clothes away from your clean clothes.

Bottle Set: Taking a full bottle of your bathroom essentials isn’t necessary when you have these little bottles to fill. They are the perfect travel size and fit in just about any bag or piece of luggage.

Spiral Bound Traveler Notebook: Use a travel diary to keep tickets, mementos, and you can even use it as a place to write your travel stories. It also has refillable paper packets in case your travels take you far.

Scratch Off Places You’ve Visited Map: Although this won’t be an essential you travel with, it will be a great way to show off your completed travel bucket destinations. As you visit areas around the world, scratch away the gold to reveal a more colorful spot. This gives me the travel bug!

Sony Digital Camera: Capture your travels with pictures! This camera is the perfect because not only does it take great pics, it is small and easy to take with you.

Traveling with family can be an adventure! Let's make it a great one with these travel essentials for families. Everything to make your trip easier.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to pack up and start traveling. Where will you and your family be headed to next? Don’t forget to tell us about your must have travel essentials for families! Share your favorites with us in the comments.


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