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Upcycled Altoids Tins


THERE ARE SO MANY USES FOR ALTOIDS TINS! I love them, in case you couldn’t already tell. I love the candies inside, I love that the tins can be reused after, I love that those “curiously strong” little fellas leave such a sweet lingering scent on their handy dandy container. So for TIP TUESDAY this week, let’s discuss a couple of ways to Upcycled Altoids Tins –Β these fun boxes of love and greatness.

# 1 LUNCH MONEY CONTAINER:Β  This could be used by elementary kids and high schools kids alike. Even as an adult this last week for camping, I stored my credit cards and DL in one, worked like a charm.

# 2 GLAMOUR KIT– Thanks to my nieces Megan and Bri for all of the trinkets. This could be used by any age…namely high school and junior high girls. The Glamour Kit can include hair accessories, earrings, clips, hair bands, bracelets and whatever else needed to have it all at your fingertips. The Glamour Kit could also be a stowaway in a gym locker.

#3 LOVE NOTES/POST-IT HOLDER: So really your high school student might get harassed if they saw a tin of LOVE NOTES from their mother….so the older kids could use this one to store their post-it notes. This is a fun little place to leave notes for your child or for them to leave a nice note for someone else at school.

#4 ODDS & ENDS…You can store just about anything small and handy in this handy tin:Β  Chapstick, house key, little treats, change, whatever. The lid even clamps down and doesn’t open on accident, BRILLIANT.

So whether you use them for money, treats, glamour or all three; Altoids tins are super handy for kids at school!

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  1. You can also store decks of cards in them. I even have one for my birthday candles. I like to decorate them with scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, and a little ribbon, and they’re even better.

  2. Lovin’ this. I have saved several little tins like this in the hopes for using them for something brilliant like this, Cousin Kirsten! πŸ™‚ Great ideas!!!

  3. They are also a perfect size for the long pieces of gum. My sister used to pack them full and then they wouldn’t get mashed in her purse or backpack all day long. πŸ™‚ Love all the fun ideas!

    1. OH MY HEAVENS, that’s a brilliant idea! I never thought of that one, but that tin would be perfect and a little more fun and quaint than a regular pack of gum…thanks for YOUR idea!

  4. You could also stick a magnet strip to the back so they can stick them to the inside of their lockers – then it’s always handy!

    Do you have any ideas for those gum containers (i.e. Orbit or Juicy fruit 60 piece packs)?
    They are clear or white with both a large and small opening and the labels come off really easily. I was thinking craft supplies like beads or glitter – or maybe garage storage containers for nails, washers, screws, etc. I just know there are lots of uses that I’m not thinking of!

  5. I always used Altoid tins in my classroom to hold “word bank” cards for my students. It goes wherever, and the kids can practice reading their word bank words as they wait at the doctor’s office, sports practice, whatever! Perfect size for those “tiny” flashcards [2×3]

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