Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas
If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year you may feel like you want your table to be fun and festive. There are lots of ways to go overboard and feel stress. I’m going to share the basic ideas where you can get the biggest bang for your buck and your time. And let’s face it, time is everything when you are preparing food for those you love.

Table Cover

I love the idea of using a big roll of butcher or kraft paper. I personally love using the brown, but white is a fun way to go too. Just roll it out, throw a few fancy pens or markers on the table and let everyone write down what they are thankful for.

If you want to be a little fancier, my advice is to go with a basic white table cloth. It won’t distract from the other color you can add to your table by way of decor, dishes, and of course the food.
 Thanksgiving dinnerware


I love having dinnerware that has some character to it. Grab some bold colors if that’s your thing. Or look for some with an antique look to them. Start gathering dinnerware that stands out and makes the table even so you don’t need other decor.


Adding Drama to Each Seat

Now you are ready to add drama to the table. Wrap each napkin with some twine, jute, or fall colored string.
Adding a touch of the outdoors inside is also a fun way to make each seat stand out to the guests. I love to add in some fake fall leavespumpkins, and acorns.

Place Card

Everyone will feel welcome when they sit down and see a lovely Place Card. It doesn’t have to be ornate or fancy. Just a lovely card showing their name makes them feel welcome. I love this great idea of using a pumpkin as the place card holder. Clever and inexpensive.
Throw in a take home thank you gift and your guest are bound to feel ultra special.
Hopefully you feel like you can tackle a Thanksgiving Table-Scape now. They can be so simple and yet bring such an impact to your Thanksgiving dinner.
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