Spray Painted Side Table

So I had a serious crafty weekend. Have you ever had that itch that you couldn’t ignore and all of the sudden you find yourself crafting up a storm? When I’m not totally exhausted from the regular day’s work (most days), I like to craft up a storm. This last Saturday was similar to the day when I was so sick of my panel blinds and ripped them off the wall while my hubs was gone one night. I had a curtain rod that was too long and whipped out my saw and cut it off hastily….can you say compulsive? Anyhow, I had new curtains up even though they were too short, I still need to fix those. So this was one of those weekends of compulsive haste!

I have wanted a new side table for while now. I have also wanted to spray paint a piece of furniture. I had this turquoise on hand, so off the kids and I went spray painting everything in site, while the hubs was asleep ;). I refinished this table 8 years ago after we had found it at a garage sale. It was $5 at the time, so even if it didn’t work, I wasn’t going to care. There’s always a way to fix things like that.

My helper :). Spray painting is a blast. It was hard to give up the control, but he was good at it.

That finish is screaming for a makeover.

The nice thing about a $5 table is that one coat of RUSTOLEUM 2x coat is a perfect amount of coverage. No more. No less. When I’m feeling hasty, all logic goes out the door, but the coverage was AWESOME with just one coat. That’s my kind of paint.

Then I used a regular, non-gel, Walnut-colored stain and just rubbed it on with a rag. If you want more color from the stain to show, use a sponge brush, that seems to cover well. Use a fine sand paper, and rough up the stain where you feel like it until it looks the way you want it to…how’s that for directions?

After sandpaper, this is what it looks like. Ship shape.

So this is how it turned out. I am liking the little splash of color in my all-brown living room.

Any side table looks better with a REAL SIMPLE magazine and Family Photo Book on it, especially when they have mustard yellow on them.

There’s only one color that’s even close to turquoise in this paint line…

That’s all.

Do you ever get the itch to spray paint things because I sure do. I will have to share the other projects from this weekend soon.



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  1. Hi – can you tell me where your living room curtains are from? They are exactly what I’m looking for. thanks so much –

  2. Kirsten, your side table turned out great! What a lovely color choice and it works so well in your home. Thank you so much for using Rust-Oleum and keep up the great work on your DIY projects.

    Just FYI, we love this project so much that we’re featuring it as our Project Idea of the day on our Paint Ideas Facebook page. Great work!

    – Rust-Oleum Scott

  3. I got the urge yesterday to spray paint my brown wicker chairs. I wanted them to stand out more against our red brick. It was supposed to be a bright yellow, turned out more lime greenish. I’m going with turquoise for the 2nd one. Hubby’s outta town. We’ll see what he says in a few days 🙂

    1. Wahahahhhahaaaha do it while he’s out of town. LOVE the idea of the yellow. I have been wanting to paint something yellow at my house too ;). Send us pics if you can, I want to see what they look like :).

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