Rainforest in a Jar
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Rainforest in a Jar Kid Craft

Rainforest in a Jar Kid Craft Rainforest Kid Craft

So excited to be sharing a Rainforest Themed kid craft today with you! This is a fun week! My kids have loved reading about the rainforest. One of my favorite books on this subject is Jan Brett’s The Umbrella.

The Umbrella by Jan Brett

After reading this, I let me kids make mini Rainforest terrariums in a jar. They were so easy and  simple…and my kids think they are so cool!
Create a Rainforest in a Jar

Rainforest in a Jar

What you will need to make a Rainforest in a Jar:

Mason Jars

mini rainforest figurines

artificial succulents

mini rocks



a hot glue gun/hot glue
Rainforest in a Jar Tutorial

Step 1:

Start by gluing the can lid together. Glue inside a circle of styrofoam…about a 1/2 thick. I just bought the small styrofoam balls and cut them into strips.

Summer camp craft for kids

Step 2:

Let your little ones place their trees (succulents), moss, rocks and animals where they would like them. You will have to help younger children with the hot glue.

Rainforest in a Jar

Step 3:

Then…easy peasy…just slowly place the animal scene inside the jar, and screw on the lid.

Rainforest in a Jar - great summer project for kids

And you have a very cute Rainforest in a Jar!

Create your own rainforest in a jar

My kids love these and couldn’t wait to display them in their rooms!

Rainforest in a Jar

You can do this with other animals too! My daughter really wanted a Panda habitat in a jar…so that’s what we did!
Learn about rainforest and create your own rainforest in a jar Rainforest in a Jar

Rain Forest In a Jar

sm mother hen rain forest

Be sure to check out the other projects in our Rainforest Week!

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    1. Hi Misty- We got everything we needed on Amazon. We’ve linked to the products that we used. You could run to Michaels or Hobby Lobby. I’m sure they have similar supplies.

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