Printable 4th of July Hot Dog Holders
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Printable 4th of July Hot Dog Holders

Helllloooo Crafting Chicks Followers! How you doin’? (Imagine me saying that Joey’s voice). My name is Ali from Dream Crafter and I am so excited to be sharing this fun printable with you today.

I’ve always been a sucker for a good printable. There’s nothing more magical then clicking, downloading and printing something right from your home computer and then feeling all cool like you created something magnificent. Every time I use a printable (that someone else created) I’m like, “Yeah…I did my crafting for the day and it turned out really well. I am a super accomplished person and everyone loves me. I think I’ll take my nap now.” And because I know you all feel the same way, I have decided that sharing a printable would be for the best.

May I present to you, the printable hot dog holder! (Literally I could not think of a fancier name for these.)

Printable 4th of July Hot Dog Holders

Printable 4th of July Hot Dog Holders

I made three of these bad boys because, (well lets be honest, having only two different prints would just be crazy talk) and you can click the links below to download them.




close up

 When you print one, just cut on the spots where I wrote “cut” and fold everywhere else. Then just use a little glue stick or tape to make it stay in the shape of a box. I think the glue stick gives it a more finished look, so that’s what I used. But if you are worried about your glue touching your hot dog and dying a slow and painful death from glue stick poisoning, then I would suggest tape. Consult your doctor before printing these. 🙂

picnic pic

(I think I shouldn’t have done this photo shoot during lunch. I really wish I had a full hot dog in this picture but we won’t mention that and maybe no one will notice. Mums the word!)

Now I am so excited to use these (with full hot dogs in them) at our 4th of July BBQ! Maybe this year my toddlers won’t get ketchup all over their outfits. Ah, who am I kidding? That’s inevitable. At least my guests will look really cool while they’re eating.

Thank you so much for letting me stop by! I had a good time. We should do this again.


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  1. What a fun idea! I loved your tongue in cheek commentary as much as the craft idea! Some possible names for your fun idea: doggie box, puppy kennel, brat basket, weinerschnitzel ( I defy you to come up with something using that word!). Let’s not forget doggie dish or brat box – now I’m just showing my assonance off : )

  2. I’d love to include your project in a round-up post I’m working on. I’ve sent you an email with the details but I haven’t heard from you so I just wanted to check that you received it. I’m past my deadline so I’m hoping for an answer soon if you’re happy to be included.
    Thanks, Tonya

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