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Pixar Pier vs. Paradise Pier: What You Need to Know

Hi everyone, it’s Kimberly from Get Away Today, here to talk to you about the Disneyland Resort. As you may have heard, Pixar Pier is officially open! With new attractions, dining options and a whole lot of fun around every corner, we’re sure this re-imagined land will take you to “Infinity and Beyond!” While we’ll miss Paradise Pier, Pixar Pier is still filled with the California charm we’ve all come to know and love, just with even more Incredible touches. If you’re not sure what the difference between Paradise Pier and Pixar Pier is, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Pixar Pier at the Disneyland Resort.

Pixar Pier sign at Disney California Adventure Park

Pixar Pier vs. Paradise Pier: What You Need to Know

New Neighborhoods:

Pixar Pier will feature four new neighborhoods, each themed after a beloved Pixar film. Each of these areas will feature new dining options, character meet and greets, shopping and fun for the entire family.

Incredibles Park:

The first neighborhood guests will encounter is Incredibles Park. This new area is home to the brand-new Incredicoaster, a quick-service kiosk, murals and more! Not only will you be able to go on a high-speed adventure with your favorite superhero family, but you’ll be able to snack on a variety of delicious sweets at Jack Jack’s Cookie Num Nums. Incredibles Park is nothing short of super!

Toy Story Boardwalk:

“You’ve Got a Friend” in everyone when you visit the Toy Story Boardwalk. While not too many changes have been made to this area, guests will still be able to experience Toy Story Midway Mania! while enjoying new quick-service food options like Señor Buzz Churros and Poultry Palace.

Midway Mania! sign at Disney California Adventure Park

Inside Out Headquarters:

Inside Out Headquarters isn’t quite finished, which fills us with Sadness. However, there is no need Fear! You should be filled with Joy knowing that you can experience Angry Dogs, a new quick-service restaurant right now. We’ll talk more about the additions coming to this area later in this article.

Pixar Promenade:

On Pixar Promenade, guests can enjoy brand-new games on the boardwalk like La Luna Star Catcher, WALL-E Space Race, Heimlich’s Candy Corn Toss and Bullseye Stallion Stampede. Mickey’s Fun Wheel also received a fabulous makeover and has now transformed into the Pixar Pal-A-Round. Each of the 24 gondolas are themed to represent some of your favorite Pixar pals. Plus, with the new Pixar Pals theater and Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff Confectionary coming soon, we can’t wait to see the finished Pixar Promenade in Pixar Pier at the Disneyland Resort.

Mickey Mouse ferris wheel at Disney California Adventure Park

The Incredicoaster:

The highly awaited Incredicoaster is finally here and even we couldn’t anticipate how adorable it would be. The Incredicoaster has the exact same track as California Screamin’, but is filled with new visuals and features that make it an entirely new experience. On this attraction, guests will help Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, Dash and Violet as they try to capture Jack-Jack after escaping from Edna Mode. Here, guests will go through a series of tunnels and loops that showcase each character’s incredible powers. Plus with an enjoyable surprise ending, you’re sure to fall in love with this re-imagined attraction.

Incredicoaster sign at Disney California Adventure Park

Dining at Pixar Pier:

If you’re looking for a bite to eat in Pixar Pier, there is no need to fret. Pixar Pier offers a variety of quick-service options, as well as a unique dining experience at the Lamplight Lounge. I’ve listed what you can expect from each of these delightful spots below:

Jack Jack’s Cookie Num Nums:

Saving the world takes a lot of work, so make sure you stop by Jack-Jack’s Cookie Num Nums to refuel your energy throughout your Disney day. Here, you’ll be able to try a variety of sweet treats. The Jack-Jack Cookie Num Num is a HUGE, chunky and gooey chocolate chip cookie that can easily be shared with two people. If you need gluten friendly foods, The Incredicookie is just for you. This delicious cookie comes with a dollop of blackberry jam and has quickly become an instant favorite for everyone that has tried it. Lastly, Jack-Jack’s Cookie Num Nums offers the Jack-Jack Shortbread Cookie that is lemon flavored and topped with orange icing. Of course, you can’t enjoy a cookie without milk! Luckily, this quick-service location offers a variety of milk options, including almond and soy milk for everyone to enjoy.

Señor Buzz Churros:

Because a trip to Disneyland isn’t complete without chowing down on a delectable churro, you’ll want to visit Señor Buzz Churros. While this location offers the beloved original churro (Cinnamon Sugar Glaxy Churro), it also specializes in a Caliente Churro. This sweet and spicy treat resembles a flavor similar to the Red Hots candy and is perfect for anyone wanting to try something unique!

Señor Buzz Churros sign at Disney California Adventure Park

Poultry Palace:

The Poultry Palace is inspired by a Pixar short, “Toy Story Toon: Small Fry” and we couldn’t be more excited to eat at this adorable shack. Not only does your meal come in fun Poultry Palace packaging, but you’ll be able to indulge in Turkey Legs, Chicken Drumsticks or Corn on the Cob. Just be sure to take your picture next to the “fun-size” Zurg when you go!

Angry Dogs:

While Angry Dogs serves your standard hot dog, don’t count them out. This quick-service location not only offers an Angry Dog (spicy hot dog), but provides guests with an array of condiments to add even more heat to your dog. However, if you’re not a fan of spice, just order the Slightly Annoyed Dog for a delicious original hot dog.

Angry Dogs Sign at Disney California Adventure Park

Lamplight Lounge:

For those looking for a sit-down restaurant, the Lamplight Lounge is the perfect spot to dine in Pixar Pier at the Disneyland Resort. Here, you can enjoy beautiful views of the pier while indulging in unique, gastro-pub style food. While this area might seem like a more “adult” dining location, they offer a great kids menu, which makes this a unique dining experience for the entire family. The best part? You can continue to chow down on the cherished Lobster Nachos, made famous by The Cove Bar.

Future of Pixar Pier:

Just because Pixar Pier is already open, doesn’t mean the fun has stopped! In 2019, Pixar Pier will feature two new attractions. The first is Jessie’s Critter Carousel, which will be placed in the Toy Story Boardwalk. This ride was originally King Triton’s Carousel, but will be re-themed with over 56 of Jessie’s wilderness friends from Woody’s Roundup. Plus, guests will also be able to experience Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind, coming to Inside Out Headquarters. While there isn’t a lot of information yet about this attraction, the concept art looks like a captivating ride for little ones.

While change can be scary, we’re loving absolutely everything about the brand-new Pixar Pier at the Disneyland Resort. If you haven’t booked your next Disneyland vacation, make sure to call one of our travel experts at 855-GET-AWAY or visit getawaytoday.com. With flexible Layaway Plans, discount Disneyland tickets and hotel specials, we’ll make sure your next vacation is the best one yet!

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Pixar Pier vs Paradise Pier

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