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Patriotic Ribbon Wreath



I felt a little festive this week and added some adorable patriotic touches to my plain Target Wreath (that I love so much)!

Excited to share the easy details today! This makes it easy to change out wreath decor for each holiday! I’m planning on making these ribbon designs for each holiday!

The rope star idea is from our friend Jen from Tatertots & Jello. My friend actually surprised me with this and I loved adding it to my wreath for the 4th of July!

What you’ll need to make a Patriotic Ribbon Wreath:

-A wreath (light cream is best, or green!)

This one from Target is my current favorite: Artificial Shola Wreath White-Threshold

-Red, white and blue ribbon (different sizes, colors and textures)

-A paperclip

Rope Star from TUTORIAL

How to Create a Patriotic Ribbon Wreath:

-Cut each ribbon piece about 3-4 feet long (depending on the size of your wreath)

-Stack the ribbon in a pile from large to small. Fold in the center of the ribbon strips and tie with a small ribbon, right in the center.

-Bend a paper clip and use it as a hook. Attach at the top of the ribbon streams.

-Trip any excess pieces from the bottom of the ribbon strands.

Hook the paper clip on the top of your wreath, allowing the ribbon to stream down both sides of the wreath.

Add a rope star to the middle of the wreath. Tie the star on using one of the small ribbon pieces.

Such an adorable festive wreath for the 4th or July or any patriotic holiday! I love keeping the red, white and blue up all summer long!


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