No-Sew Ruffled Tree Skirt {Michaels Holiday Dream Tree Challenge}

I’m back with a teeny tiny sneak peek and tutorial for the Michaels Holiday Dream Tree Challenge that I’ve been asked to be a part of! I’ve had fun shopping at Michaels and I’m honestly a little overwhelmed trying to narrow down my choices from all of the fun stuff at the store. 🙂 I’ll be unveiling the finished tree with more details on Tuesday November 20th!

I unpacked the tree and had it up in about 5 minutes. True! It came with a simple little stand and everything! (psssssstt. All the trees are on sale at Michaels right now). It’s a cute little 6-footer!

So here’s a little peek at one of the ornaments I got. I am loving glitter so I have lots of glittery ornaments and I had to incorporate my favorite color turquoise into the traditional green and red and silver/gold… this pretty much was a love connection when I spotted it. 🙂

Now on to the tutorial: A No-Sew Ruffled Tree Skirt using ribbons. I have l.o.v.e.d those ruffled Christmas tree skirts I’ve seen all over Pinterest, so I thought this was the perfect time to make one myself. I did a little different spin on mine though, and I’ll show you what I did.

First I started with the base of the skirt. I made it using this Basic Felt in red from Michaels. It’s 36 in x 36 in which was a perfect size. I cut the felt into a circle using these steps:

  1. Fold the piece in half, then in half again—into quarters.
  2. Cut a curve on the “open” side, from one corner to the opposite corner. Don’t cut into the main fold (shown on the left in these photos).
  3. Open the felt and you’ll have a circle! (I did cut a full circle, but the photo doesn’t show the entire circle, fyi)
  4. To cut the little hole in the middle for the tree trunk to fit in, you can cut a smaller curve while the felt is still folded into quarters. Then unfold the felt and cut one straight line from the outer edge of the circle into the middle circle.

For the ruffles, I did them in an easy way—with ribbon! Michaels doesn’t carry fabric so instead I grabbed some awesome 2.5 inch red burlap ribbon and some cute 1.5 inch red and white striped ribbon. I got the kind that has wire in the edges–that is important to remember! The cool thing about using ribbon to make ruffles is that you don’t have to hem anything, they are already in strips, and you don’t have to use a sewing machine because you use that wire instead. 🙂

All you do is pull out the little wire on one side of the ribbon, and start sliding and bunching the ribbon down the wire–it automatically turns into ruffles. It’s really quick and easy to do!

I gathered the ribbon until the ruffles were even and I laid them on the felt circle base to get the right length. For this tree skirt I decided to run the ruffle strips in straight lines instead of wrapping them around the edges of the circle base. I used 5 rows of ruffled red burlap ribbon, and 5 rows of the striped ribbon that I kept flat and unruffled.

To attach the ruffles and ribbon to the felt base I used my hot glue gun! Glue right along the gathered edge all the way across the circle. I decided to only do half of the circle base— because my tree is in a corner of the room, so the other half is toward the back of the tree and harder to see, especially when gifts are under the tree. Saved me some time.

Then I hot glued the striped ribbon so that it slightly overlapped the gathered edge of the ruffles.

Lastly, I tucked the ends of the ribbons under the base and hot glued them in place. I ended up using a whole bolt of the burlap ribbon for this project and maybe half of the striped ribbon. I LOVE how it turned out!! I love the solids and stripes together, as well as the ruffles and the flat ribbon together! And I love how it came together pretty easily with ribbon and hot glue. Try it!

I’m so excited to see what the other bloggers have designed! 🙂 Michaels will be sharing my tree along with the trees of the other participants next week, so be sure to connect with them via Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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Disclosure: This is the second post in a series of posts sponsored by Michaels Stores. I was provided with gift cards and free product in return for participating in this challenge. All thoughts and opinions are my own–I shop at Michaels often so I’m no stranger to their awesomeness! 🙂

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  1. I love this tree skirt!! My favorite thing about this whole post though is knowing that I can now use ribbon to make ruffles 🙂

  2. I think I just read like 100 tree skirt tutorials- this is by FAR my favorite and definitely the one I’ll be doing!!! Thank you & I hope you won whatever contest was going on!

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