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Mother’s Day Necklace Cards

Mother’s Day Necklace Cards are the perfect way to show mom how much you care. Just print out the card and add a personalized necklace!

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Mother’s Day Necklace Cards

We love to shower our Moms, Grandmas, Sisters, Aunts, Friends and Daughters for Mother’s Day. We decided to create these adorable Mother’s Day Necklace Cards for Mother’s Day this year.

A great gift idea is a pretty Monogram Necklace. Pair a gold or silver necklace with our Mother’s Day Necklace Cards. And get 50% Off with code: necklace50

Each card has a pretty saying and make the perfect little necklace tag.

What You’ll Need for the Mother’s Day Necklace Card Gift:

How to Create a Mother’s Day Necklace Card Gift:

1.First Download and Print the Mother’s Day Necklace Card.

2. Using Scissors, cut out each tag.

3. Using scissors, cut on the two diagonal lines on each side of the tag.

4. Attach the necklace to the front of the card with the chain in between each strip on either side of the card.

5. Add a piece of tape to the back of the necklace to keep the chain together and the necklace secure on the Mother’s Day Necklace Card.

Our beloved women in our lives will love this sweet gift. It’s thoughtful and something special to wear from loved ones!

And we have a special deal right now with noVae Clothing. If you use our special code: craftingchicks and buy 2 or more necklaces, you will get FREE shipping. The code applies to the large initial letter or the Small Coin Initial Necklace.

Mother’s Day Necklace Tag Download Below. Personal Use Only Please. All Downloads, Printables, & Designs belong to The Crafting Chicks, LLP.

Download Box

Mother's Day Necklace Cards

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