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Mother’s Day Art Prints

Mother’s Day Art Prints

Mother's Day Art Prints

Hello Crafting Chicks! I’m Michelle from Michelle Lea Creative, here to share some Mother’s Day Art Prints with you. The flowers are blooming and you can feel the warm winds starting to blow here in Virginia. We just celebrated my Mom’s birthday this weekend and it inspired me to design four simple art prints to celebrate our mother’s and ourselves.

Being a mother has been both the hardest and most rewarding job of my life.

When I found out that I was pregnant with our first son, I was terrified. I didn’t have any brothers or sisters… I didn’t really babysit kids. I was complete unprepared and not sure how it would all work. Would I just know what to do, would I love him at first sight like everyone said??? I did. I loved him before I even saw him. I loved him that moment that I heard his heartbeat, felt his first kick and heard his first cry.

As the mother to my three children, I have had moments almost every day that I’m pretty sure I’m screwing it all up and needed lots of coffee and a whole lotta Jesus. But oh those moments of glory when you think YES! I nailed that, or you fix a boo boo, or see them accomplish their dreams… ohh it is all worth the moments of worry, panic and heartache.

So to honor those Mother’s in our lives, no matter how they became mothers or who they are mothers to… Use these pretty little prints to brighten their day and say Thank You.

What to do next?

Click HERE to download your prints. Click download on dropbox to save the files to your computer or phone. Do this before printing to get the highest quality of the file.

Mother's Day Art Prints

Print your art prints on cardstock or art papers on the highest quality setting on your printer.

Trim your print to 5 inches x 7 inches. You will have a white border around the color portion of the print, just like in the images.

You can then matte and frame your print or add it into your Mother’s Day card to your favorite lady!

I hope that you enjoy these little pretty pieces of happiness and share them with the women in your lives.

Mother's Day Art Prints

Come say hi on Instagram and follow me @michelleleacreative or visit my website HERE. Have and wonderful and blessed Mother’s Day!


Mother's Day Art Prints

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