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DIY Library Bags & Tags for Summer Reading

I made some simple DIY Library Bags & Tags for Summer Reading for my kids, and wanted to share. I thought it would be great for them to have a place to store their books (so they won’t get mixed up with our books at home) and also a way to carry their books to and from the library. I followed this bag tutorial. I used it on the monogram bags as well. These were much more simple without the letters and pockets.

I used canvas material to line the bags, to make them more sturdy to carry the books. I cut the material 16 inches wide and about 19 inches long. I sewed the bag with about a 1/2 seam. The straps were about 14 inches. These bags will carry most sizes of books.

I also digitally scrapbooked a little tag with my kids’ names to tie around the strap. I used the same plastic name tag holders that Brooke used in her adorable Color Mini Book. I too found these at WalMart. The tag is approx. 2.5 tall and 3.5 wide. For the boys label, I used one of my most favorite kits for boys called Wonderful from the amazing Shabby Princess. I cannot remember where I bought the kit I used for the girl label, but I love how it went with the bag material.

My kids were so excited to have a special library bag with their names on it. They carried them around all day full of books. We cannot wait to go to the library next week!
Also, you can insert their library card just behind the name tag on the other side. This will make it easy to find when you are ready to go check out books.

If you want to print one of the labels, just click on the images below and then right click on the image and select save.

Happy Summer Reading!

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  1. my comment has nothing to do with your post but i just had a suggestion and didn’t know where to submit it. sorry!

    anyway, the suggestion is that for each of your posts, you include the poster (eg: jamie, kirsten, jen, etc) as a TAG, so that readers can quickly jump to a list of all the posts by a specific crafty chick. it’s early enough that you wouldn’t have that much back-log to do, and from here on you could just add your tag to any posts you publish.

    just an idea. cause i wanted to see all the posts by one of you (my favorite one of you. it’s a secret!) 😉

  2. Darling! Just posted your idea on my blog. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration. Hopefully other Misc. folks will come visit you guys because your ideas are so fantastic!

  3. I would like to make the library bags you posted, but the ‘tutorial’ link is not working. Do you have the directions? Many thanks!

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