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Jersey Knit Scarf Crafternoon Kit

I am so excited to share something that I’ve been working on for months now.

Last year Hazel and Ruby came to us with their idea of making Crafternoon Kits and we thought it was genius! We jumped at the chance to work with them to create this fun Jersey Knit Scarf Crafternoon Kit.Jersey Knit Scarf Crafternoon Kit

So you may be asking, “what is a Crafternoon Kit?” It is a kit of a fun trendy craft idea from some of your favorite bloggers, pulled together in a smart little package so all you have to do it open it up and start crafting. No more searching for this or that just so you can finish a project. These kits come with it all.

Here’s a fun video clip with more info.


For my kit you will get the jersey pieces (already cut and ready to go), needle and thread.

You’ll get to make a year-round scarf by layering, braiding and combining soft t-shirt material. Pretty navy, mint and grey fabrics will allow you to make a fun and stylish scarf for anytime of the year.


There are easy step by step instructions in each kit, but if you still need a little more help I’ve made a video tutorial.

This kit is so fun and easy you’ll be able to make one up in no time at all.


Something-Turquoise-Crafternoon-Felt-Flower-Headband-1Blog Hop

All of the blog/kit designers are doing a blog hop… so keep the fun going by jumping over to read the next post by Something Turquoise and learn all about her adorable fun Felt Flower Headband Kit! Hazel & Ruby also has a blog post up sharing more details about this new program which you can find here.



I can’t wait to have a Crafternoon girls day. In fact, we’d love for our of our readers to win a Crafternoon Day with friends!

Just enter below for you and 5 friends to win one of my Jersey Knit Scarf Crafternoon Kits!
Jersey Knit Scarf Crafternoon Party for 6


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