Halloween Mega Printable Pack
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Halloween Printables Mega Party Pack

If you are looking for the answer to keeping the kids busy during your Halloween Party, we have got you covered. Presenting our Halloween Printables Mega Party Pack.

Halloween Printable Mega Party Pack

This Mega Party Pack is chuck full of fun games and actives for kids of all ages.

Halloween Mega Printable Pack

If you are anything like us, and we think you are, you are helping throw some sort of Halloween Party for children. Wether it be in the classroom or for the neighborhood, you want to make sure that you are able to entertain those costumed kiddos. This Halloween Printables Pack is stuffed with everything and anything that you could ever need. You will walk away looking like a rock star just by pushing print on your computer.

Halloween Printable Pack Cupcake toppers

Halloween Bingo


Halloween Spin Game

Each Halloween Printables Mega Party Pack contains:

  • Don’t Eat the Halloween Creature–This is our spin on “Don’t Eat Pete,” using fun Halloween Characters.
  • Halloween Memory Game–Kids will want to play this game over and over. It’s a crowd favorite at our house.
  • Roll A Jack-O-Lanter– This game is a hoot to watch and see who can make a Jack-o-Lantern the quickest.
  • Halloween Play–Doh Mats: Bring out the Play-doh and watch the kids create their own faces and accessories for these Halloween Characters.
  • Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe– Who will get 3 in a row first? A fun take on this classic game using bats and pumpkins.
  • Halloween Cupcake Toppers– Your party decor will be complete when you add these adorable cupcake toppers.
  • I-Spy Halloween–This game is a fun for everyone. Race to see who can count the correct number of images in the quickest amount of time.
  • Halloween Spinner-Let kids take a turn spinning and performing the funny Halloween action they land on! You’ll want to order these spinners ahead of time.
  • Pumpkin Walk: Get out some fun music about love and watch the kids jump from Pumpkin to Pumpkin and do the action of the Pumpkin they land on.
  • Halloween Bowling–Use these printable wrappers on tin cans or water bottles and set up a bowling ally for the kids.
  • Halloween Scattergories–This is a favorite game in our house. Just set the timer and see who gets the most words.
  • Halloween Bingo–We’ve created a set of 6 different Bingo cards, just perfect for those class parties.


Halloween I Spy printable Game

Halloween Don't eat Pete game


Halloween Scattergories

Halloween Printable Mega Party Pack

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