Handmade Name Frames

I was going through some photos (trying to clear up some disk space on my lap top) and found these and thought I would share. I made these Handmade Name FramesĀ for the nursery when I was pregnant. If you need some cute, inexpensive ideas for kids rooms, here are a couple good ideas.

{For Girl Names:} At Michaels, I bought their plain wood frames (each $1) and small wood letters (also each $1) This project was around $10. I painted the letters and frames, let them dry and sanded the sides. I then glued scrapbook paper to the back and added embellishments and ribbon. This was a fun project-for a great deal!
Handmade Name Frames | Nursery Decor {Frames:} I found these plain frames at Michael’s (it was the only craft store I could find in Washington at the time), The middle is 8×10 and the side ones are 5×7. I’m sure they were all well under $10 each, maybe under $5-I forget. I used blue painter’s tape for the striped frames and a circle stencil for the circle frames. I first painted the whole frame white and then added the painted stripes and circles. I used flat thumb tacks to attach ribbon to the back of the frame.

Anyways, just wanted to share a few cute ideas!

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  1. I love those. I can’t wait to get Bailey’s name up. I just have to wait for nice weather so I can paint the hooks I got from Rod Works. You are too cute Jamie.

  2. If you worry that you have an unsteady hand I have done something very similar using vinyl. If you use the matted vinyl it looks almost just like you’ve painted it. You can also overlay the vinyl on the frames which looks really cute.

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