Fairies Cookbook {Review}

{Recently the Chicks were sent a variety of books from Gibbs-Smith, one of our awesome sponsors, so we will be posting about them over the next few months.}

Today we’re highlighting one from the whimsical childrens’ cookbook series published by Gibbs-Smith called Fairies Cookbook, by Barbara Beery. Here is the description from their website:

Fairies Cookbook brings a bit of fantasy and magic to everyday snacks and treats, while teaching valuable cooking skills and encouraging kids to develop a love for creating their own food. Fairies Cookbook transforms everyday fare into mystical treats for birthday parties, sleepovers, and special occasions-and these recipes are easy enough to use everyday!

My daughter was very eager to try out this new cookbook–she is my big helper in the kitchen and is always wanting to learn how to cook and bake things. The fun thing about the Fairies Cookbook is that the recipes are pretty kid-friendly, so Annie was thrilled to have the chance to make dinner all by herself (well, with supervision by me of course)! On the menu: Unicorn Calzones (aka ham and cheese crescent rolls)!

This look says it ALL! 🙂 Annie was really proud of the dinner she made, and it was a big hit with the rest of the family too, even her picky older brother. We will definitely make this meal again–actually, I’ll let Annie make it next time too! I’m dreaming of when she can become our personal chef, lol! 🙂

The recipes in this book are simple and very easy to follow, and the photos are appealing to children. The magical names and fanciful twists on simple everyday recipes add a whole new element of fun in the kitchen. We are excited to try more treats soon. Some of the other recipes in the Fairies Cookbook include:

  • Cookie Fairy Masks
  • Fairy Fruit Wands
  • Sugar Cone Fairy Hats
  • Fruity Fairy Castles
  • Raindrop Punch
  • Pink Fairy Ice-Cream Cupcakes
  • Sugar-and-Spice Sandwich Swirls

This cookbook is perfect for young girls who want to learn how to cook while using their imagination at the same time! This would also be really fun to use to create a menu for a fairy-themed birthday party—we actually went to a birthday party last year where the mom used the Fairies Cookbook for a fairy tea party and all of the girls were in heaven sampling the pretty food. 🙂  I remember thinking that I should buy the cookbook because my girls would love it. . .so you can imagine my excitement when I received it from Gibbs-Smith to try out! 🙂

I would recommend this cookbook as a great gift for Christmas for the little chef in your family. (There are other fun cookbooks geared toward kids at Gibbs-Smith, definitely check them out if your kids are interested in cooking or learning how to cook.)

We had a great time together creating the “Unicorn Calzones” and I’m looking forward to making the next fairy treat with my daughter.

Disclosure: We were given some books to try out from Gibbs-Smith. All opinions, as always, are our own! 🙂

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  1. I love this, very cute. I just found your blog today and I’ve been browsing all morning. Great work, I love the leg warmers and the flower headbands and the cozys…I will be coming back thats for sure!

  2. OMgoodness! I gave this to my neice for her birthday! When my neices turn 5, they get to go to tea with “aunt nette” (pronounced net) This year was Mackenzie’s 7th birthday, so she’s an old pro at tea now. I gave her her present which was this book, on the way to tea when I picked her up. She loved it!!! She kept “reading” it and showing me the beautiful pictures and telling me everything she was going to make. It’s a fantastic book!!!

    PS Her mom emailed me to tell me all she had made…just about everything in the book! LOL

  3. Excellent review! My daughter LOVES fairies so this book and the Mermaid cookbook (by the same author) are already in my cart at Amazon for her birthday in October! Thanks for sharing!

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