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Dog Gift Ideas

Dog Gift Ideas for those special pups in your life. This list has everything you’ll need to keep your dog busy and happy. Plus some treats, cause everyone loves giving those puppies treats.

Dog Gift Ideas

We have the perfect gifts for your furry friend! Becky and I both have doodle mixes and have loved finding the best puppy and dog toys. Coco and Boo have become such a fun part of our family and so of course we have to include them on our Christmas lists!

The chicks have rounded up some of our favorite Dog Gift Idea picks!

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Best Balls and toys for Fetch

Hartz balls have been one of my favorite dog toys! You can find these in bacon flavor which my doodle loves. I love the bright colors so you can easily find the balls in your yard. Perfect for fetch! Dogs will love the squishy feel and texture, and the balls are pretty resilient! These scented balls come in 3 sizes.

Chuck It dog ball launchers are a must have for the game of fetch! This will save your arm and allow your dog to run far and get in a lot of exercise! Perfect to take to a big field or dog park. The Chuck It balls are really strong and last forever. You will at least need a few to take to the park!

Chuckit! Fetch wheels are a fun frisbee alternative. They are durable and can be thrown far! Dogs will love playing fetch with this fun new frisbee!

This ball launcher would be so hilarious and fun for a game of fetch! It will save your arm and give your dog a lot of exercise!

We got this Wobble Wag Giggle Ball for our pup not too long ago. It’s hilarious to watch her play with it.

Best Stuffed Toys

Becky’s dog Coco loves her Broccoli stuffed toy from Target! It is cute and adorable. Target makes their dog stuffed toys pretty durable! For hours of play!

We love these Kong Floppy Knot stuffed toys! They are so durable. Dogs love to chew on the stuffed animals and play tug-o-war, and you won’t end up have stuffing all over your house!

Hide a Squirrel might be the cutest stuffed animal gift idea for dogs! They can pull out the mini squirrels from the log! I love this toy and it is on our Christmas list for our doodle this year!

Our doodle loves these Stuffed Crinkle Animal toys.  He loves chewing on them, snuggling them, and even playing tug-o-war with them. And the good news is, you won’t have stuffing everywhere when your dog chews the crinkle animal toys!

Best Squeaky Dog Gift Ideas

Hartz Bones are such a fun squeaky toy for dogs. They are similar to the scented Hartz balls but come in bone shapes. You can even get some shaped like a chicken leg! They squeak, are bright, and provide hours of play for your pup!

Hartz Duraplay Boomerang is a squeaky toy just like the Hartz Bones but you can play fetch with it! This is a must have for a dog that loves playing fetch. A fun switch up from playing fetch with a ball.

This is Boo’s new favorite toy! A balloon dog squeaky toy! He has this blue one and loves it. It is the perfect size and also is fun to play fetch with.

These squeaky pigs are not only hilarious but are so much fun! Prepare yourself for a lot of squeaking, but you pup will love it!

Best Treat Puzzle Toys

Our doodles are obsessed with these Star Snuffle Balls! We hide mini treats throughout the snuffle ball and leave for our dogs when we have to run errands. It’s such a fun activity for dogs. They love this soft snuffle ball. You can keep it clean by just throwing it in the wash! Use our exclusive code CRAFT15 to save 15% off.

This dispenser treat ball is so fun for dogs to roll around. It’s a treat dispenser and ball! This is great to keep active dogs busy, especially puppies. You just fill the ball with small dog treats for hours of fun!

A Snuffle mat is so much fun for when you have to leave your puppy! Hide mini treats throughout the fleece flaps for hours of sniffing and tasting fun. The snuffle mat is also washable which is awesome! Again, use our exclusive code CRAFT15 to save 15% off.

Interactive puzzle games are such a great way for dogs to use their noses and brains! There are so many options on Amazon, you can search through and see which one would be best for your dog! I did find this Activity Flipboard on Chewy that my pup LOVES!

Favorite Toys for New Puppies

If you get a new puppy, you will for sure need a Kong toy! You can find a few different ones but we love the Kong Classic and you can choose which size based on how big your puppy is. Fill with peanut butter, or cream cheese and place in freezer. Leave in your dogs crate when you need to run errands.

Chewing toys are a great idea for new puppies. We love the Nylabone Puppy Chew toys for new dogs. You can find many different shapes and sizes and are perfect for teething puppies.

These Rope Toys are adorable. You can find them in different shapes. I love the candy canes for Christmas. They make a great gift for new puppies. Perfect for all of that chewing!

Comfort Gifts for Dogs

This calming bed is so cozy for all dogs. You can get the bed in different sizes. This is on the list for our doodle this year! We think he will love it.

Edible toys for hours of fun!

Kong Cozy Baily the Blue dog is perfect for a puppies. Place in their crate for a little comfort from a snuggly stuffed friend!

Pet Soothers Mini Blankets remind me of the comfort blankets each of my babies had! These are great for a puppy or just comfort for an older dog too. They are so adorable and soft!

These Petstages Dogwood Calming bones are such a great gift idea for new puppies, and dogs with a little bit of anxiety. This gives dogs something to do when their owners are away.

Fun Toys for Tug-o-War

Rope toys like this fun Octopus Rope toy creates such fun for your dog. For chewing (the rope is strong), and for tug-o-war. Plus, it’s such a cute Octopus!

Hartz Duraplay Tug of Fun Squeak and Rope is our favorite Tug-o-war toy for our dog! They love the squeaky sounds and rope texture to pull on. My kids love playing tug-o-war with our pup using this toy!

This dog rope toy set is a perfect gift for dogs that love tug-o-war! They will last forever and make for hours of fun for your furry friend!

Best Dog Treat Gift Ideas

Zuke’s mini treats are a very favorite treat in our house for our dog. I love the small sizes so you can give more treats at a time!

Charlee Bear treats are such a great gift idea! Each treat has just a few calories so they make for a perfect training treat, or for a dog on a diet. Perfect to hide in treat puzzles too!

Another great treat is Zuke’s Superfood Blend. They aren’t soft and won’t stick to your hands. Plus I feel good giving these to my pup.

Jack & Pup 12-Inch Premium Grade Odor Free Bully Sticks are the only bully sticks to buy. Have you ever purchased the ones that aren’t odor free? Don’t! It is not pleasant. ha

My pup also loves these Jack & Pup Premium Grade Roasted Beef Marrow Bone Treats. Something that keep her busy for a while.

Coco’s favorite treat of all might be these Pet ‘n Shape Beef Lung Dog Treats.


Best Dressed Dog Ideas

We love these Silidog Silicone Dog tags. You don’t hear any clinging sounds because its all this soft silicone. We love it.

Once I ordered the dog ID tag, I saw this Rubit! Curved Dog Tag Clip. It is so easy to move their dog tags between collars with this clip.

Our pups look so amazing when they are dressed up with their bandanas from BB Gear Shop.

The leashes from BB Gear Shop are amazing too. I love the soft sleeve options they have. Just one more way to dress up the pup.

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