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DIY Photo Mat and Free Easter Printable

DIY Photo Mat

I love a good holiday printable…who doesn’t? It’s such an easy way to add holiday decor into your home. This super easy DIY photo mat and Easter printable was perfect for my entryway. Here’s what I did…

First, I needed a frame. I found a simple black one at the dollar store and spray painted it gold.

To make the mat I used a piece of regular cardboard. You’ll want to make sure that whatever you use won’t be too thick to fit back into your frame when it’s all done. You might need to use something that’s not quite so thick, like a gift box, cereal box, or even a piece of cardstock. I used a plain photo mat that I already had as a stencil. I traced it onto the cardboard and cut it out using a razor knife.

Make your own photo mat

I used scrapbook paper to cover mine. Wrapping paper would work great, too!

I would have used Mod Podge to glue my paper to the cardboard, but I’m fresh out. I know, I was just as surprised as you. I used rubber cement instead. It’s paper, so really, any glue will do.

After I glued my cardboard to the back side of my scrapbook paper, I cut the corners off. I also cut an X in the middle of the mat like so…

Use scrapbook paper and cardboard to make a cute photo mat

Then, I folded and glued each side, trimming the paper as needed as not to have any hanging over.

And, that’s it.

DIY Photo Mat on crafting chicks. This looks easy!

I put it in my shiny new frame with my Easter printable and…

Free Printable for Easter! A Hip Hop Hippy

I love it! It’s perfect next to my “chocolate” bunny!

Pick a color and download your own free Easter printable below:

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