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DIY Floral Monogram

DIY Floral Monogram We are LOVING the new Floral Market at Michaels craft store. They have added so many pretty flowers…different kinds and colors, such a pretty way to kick off spring. I couldn’t wait to come up with a fun craft for the March Michaels Makers challenge. Thinking all things floral and SPRING! When there is still snow outside, it feels good to add a little color and happiness with these pretty flowers.sm floral monogram 4 I made pretty little DIY floral monograms for my girls’ rooms. I will share the few easy steps it took to make these. The DIY floral monograms look so pretty in their rooms!sm floral monogram 8 I found these little bundles of bright pink and coral roses. One of my daughter has touches of pink in her room, and the other one coral.sm floral monogram 7 I found these wood monograms…just asking me to add paint and roses to them:)

You will just need a few items to make these DIY floral monograms. All of these items can be found at Michaels Craft Store.

Carved Wood Letters (They are about 10 inches high)

-Paint (I used gold)

-sponge paint brush

-flower bundles (roses work best…and on the smaller side)

-Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
sm floral monogram 11 First, paint each letter. I painted the back sides and inside grove…you don’t have to paint where you will be hot gluing the flowers.sm floral monogram 12 Remove the flower tops from the stems. If they are tough to remove, I recommend a wire cutter.sm floral monogram 10 Start gluing! Love this part. Fill up the letter with the flowers. You can line them up in the letter before gluing to see how many you will need. I just kind of rolled with it and added and glued one at a time. You really can’t mess this up!sm floral monogram 9 sm floral monogram 6I love the transformation of the blank grooved letters to the pretty DIY floral monograms!
sm floral monogram 5 sm floral monogram 1 Such a pretty addition to my girls’ rooms! This would be a fun project for an older girl to make on her own! Happy floral crafting!sm floral monogram 2

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