DIY Felt Mushrooms
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DIY Felt Mushrooms

Sharing an adorably fun project with you today! These DIY Felt Mushrooms are so easy to make. They add a fun flare to a gnome or garden project…or a fun prop in a play! Perfect for anytime you need a bright and colorful mushroom.

DIY Felt Mushroom | These felt mushrooms add a fun flare to a gnome or garden project...or a fun prop in a play!

DIY Felt Mushrooms

We made these to go along with our dog Boo’s Gnome costume. It was hilarious. Every Gnome needs some bright and happy mushrooms.

I love working with felt and this is an easy felt project to add to the lists.

I’m excited to share how simple these are to make. You just need a few supplies to get started.

What You’ll Need to Make DIY Felt Mushrooms:

-Red Felt Sheets

-Green Felt Sheets

-White Felt Sheets

-Styrofoam Ball Halves (they sell these already in halves, or you could cut a whole styrofoam ball in half)

-Styrofoam Cones

-Hot Glue

-Good Fabric or Felt Scissors

How to Make DIY Felt Mushrooms:

Step 1: Cut out a red felt circle that is a few inches larger than the styrofoam circle half.

Step 2: Glue the Red felt piece around the styrofoam dome.

Step 3: Cut the top off the styrofoam cone.


Step 4:  Wrap and glue the green felt around the bottom portion of the styrofoam cone. This will make the mushroom stem.

Step 5:  Cut Circles from the white felt. The circles can be irregular (they actually look better that way:)

Step 6:  Glue the white felt dots on the red dome shape, to make polka-dots on the mushroom.

Step 7: Using hot glue, glue the top of the mushroom, to the top of the green stem.

Now you have some adorable felt mushrooms!

We loved using these felt mushrooms as props for our dog, Boo’s Gnome Costume!

Hilarious…and so cute!

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