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DIY Ceramic Bunnies

DIY Ceramic Bunnies

DIY Ceramic Bunnies

Sweet Ceramic Bunnies all dressed up for Easter time!

I created these adorable DIY ceramic bunnies to add to both our Easter table centerpiece this year…and to add to our Easter Mantle Decor.

I love how they turned out. The contrast of the white bunnies is so pretty with the pops of green and pink.

DIY Ceramic Bunnies

What You’ll Need for DIY Ceramic Bunnies:

Ceramic Bunnies

Pink Satin Ribbon

Faux Floral Set

White Gloss Spray Paint

DIY Ceramic Bunnies

To create DIY Ceramic Bunnies:

1-Spray paint each bunny with white glossy spray paint.

2-Add a thick satin bow to each bunny. Tie a ribbon in a bow around each bunnies neck.

DIY Ceramic Bunnies

3-Add some springs of faux floral into the bow. I cut about 6 inches of the Wisteria to add to each bunny.

DIY Ceramic Bunnies

I loved adding the flowers and ribbon…and dressing up the white bunnies.

DIY Ceramic Bunnies

Place in a favorite spot this year for Easter decorations. You can keep them up all SPRING long. I love springtime, so these happy ceramic bunnies are perfect for our newly decorated spring spaces in our home.DIY Ceramic Bunnies

We loved adding the bunnies to our mantle this year. They also make a great centerpiece for your Easter brunch or dinner.

DIY Ceramic Bunnies

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  1. Could you tell me where you got the bunnies? need to find this style and size and having trouble. I don’t want to pay $30 for them. Or 80 like some websites.
    Thank you so much!

    1. Those are from Oriental Trading Co. They look like they are out of stock right now, but there is a link in the post that will take you right to them.

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