{Deck the Halls with the Crafting Chicks}

Deck the Halls with the Crafting Chicks

Fa – la – la – la – la      –     la – la -la – la

Check out our ideas and get your craft fix

Fa – la – la – la – la       –    la – la – la – la

Be sure to check back everyday

Fa – la – la         la – la – la         la – la – la

And you’ll be inspired for this Holiday

Fa – la – la – la – la        la – la – la – la

Grab our Button and share some Holiday ideas with your friends!

We are so excited to bring you 2 whole weeks of Christmas ideas from all of the “chicks” beginning on Monday, November 29th! Decorating, neighbor gift ideas, recipes and so much more are on our LIST to share with you! So stay tuned for the Holiday Fun and like the jingle said, be sure to check back everyday! We love bringing our readers great ideas, tips and tutorials that you can make yourself! It really does bring us JOY to share our craftiness with YOU!!


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