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Coloring Book Gift Idea & Free Printable

Coloring Book Gift Idea & Free PrintableWe are loving these Adult Coloring books (but big kids can use them too…even my 6 year old likes to help me color mine). I found the best selection of these coloring books at Micheals. I loved this Four Seasons one. They are all so pretty!sm colorful christmas 5I can’t wait to share these coloring books with family, friends and co-workers. I made a sweet COLORFUL tag to go along with these. Wishing you a…COLORFUL Christmas. (Download Below)
sm colorful christmas 6Tie up with a pretty bow…they are too pretty and don’t even need wrapping paper!sm colorful christmas 1I also will use this cute free printable tag I designed with coloring books for my daughter’s friends. Loving these sweet “Hello Kitty” Christmas coloring books.sm colorful christmas 3Roll up the coloring books and tie with a cute ribbon and the tag.
sm colorful christmas 2sm colorful christmas

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