Christmas Ornament Wreath

I am super excited about Christmas crafts. I couldn’t wait to get this one started. My cousin made a Christmas Ornament Wreath and I thought I would give it a shot. Here is what you need.

  • A wire hanger (free! How great is that?)
  • A bunch of non-breakable ornaments (I gone mine at the dollar store. I bought 9 packs and still need to get a few more.)
  • You could also use some glue to keep these in place once you have it all done. Okay. After having a few ornaments fall off, I would recommend gluing for sure. I would glue the tops of the ornaments onto the ornaments. After you have done that, you can begin the rest of the process.
Open up and straighten out your hanger.
Start to send the ornaments down the hanger through the holders on top.

DIY Simple Christmas Ornament WreathPut on as many ornaments as you need/want for your wreath.

DIY Simple Christmas Ornament Wreath

Bend your hanger back up and twist around itself to form a circle.

DIY Simple Christmas Ornament Wreath

Tah-dah! You have a beautiful, colorful, new wreath.

DIY Simple Christmas Ornament Wreath

Happy Holidays!!!

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