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Chicks Picks: A Couple Fun Girl Toys

Hey friends! Here are a couple of Chicks Picks, Girl Toys for your day. ENOY! What are your favorites????


NIK:  Little People Princess Palace Love it!



BECKY:  Friendship Bracelet Maker:  My oldest has started making these for her friends. She loves it and it keeps her busy. She gets excited when she sees her friends wearing them.



KIRSTEN:  Skywalker Medium Trampoline:  OK. This is my other favorite toy for boys and girls. It’s small enough to fit in a basement and big enough for a whole bunch of fun. This has saved us during cold winter day when we would send our kids downstairs to get their energy out. 91-UqzBJtbL._SL1500_

What are some of YOUR favorites???


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