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Caramel Apple Recipe

I am so excited that fall is just around the corner. I love the smells, the holidays, and especially the food. One thing my mom use to make with us as kids was Caramel Apples. I finally got around to making some of our own. Here is the awesome Caramel Apple Recipe!

Get some yummy fresh Granny Smith apples. Wash them well, and remove the stems.

granny smith apples with sticks

Get your sticks and insert into your apples where you removed the stems.

premelted carmels

Grab your caramels and unwrap. Or I found these great caramels that are small like pebbles. They are great and they even come with the stick inside the package. I’ve had a hard time finding them, but they are made by Kraft. Add 2 tbsp. of water or milk, and microwave for the time amount on the package, or about 2 minutes to start and then stir and microwave at 30 second intervals to get the melting  right.

I like to pull out some wax paper and sprinkle a little powdered sugar on it to keep the apples from sticking.

dipping apples in carmel

Dip your apples in the caramel and let them drip off a little bit before you place them on your wax paper. Let them sit for just a minute or two before you add sprinkles or a dusting of more powdered sugar. I added some fun fall sprinkles, then placed them in cute little Halloween bags to take to friends.

carmel apple in wrapping

Hope you enjoy! We sure did here!

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  1. We LURVE caramel apples in our house, but the kids always get SO sticky. So what we’ve started to do is cut up our Granny Smith apples into chunks. I take some nuts and chop them in my little handy chopper do-dad. Then I put the apples in a heavy duty single serve bowl. Next, I make the caramel and pour straight from the saucepan over the apple chunks. Then I sprinkle with the chopped nuts. I put a fork in the bowl and the kids enjoy and bite-sized treat with half the mess. ;p

    1. Thanks tons! You have to remember, there are six of us, so it isn’t like one person is doing all of this. That would be crazy! I am heading over to check out your site now. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the idea, I always say i want to make caramel apples, but I never do, but this looks really simple. I’m thinking I’ll make these with my girls and let them hand them out to their teachers!!!!

  3. Had to tell you that as I was reading this and came to the photo of the caramels – I thought they were Garbanzo beans!! LOL!! I was thinking – where is she going w/ this??? I’ve never seen a recipe for caramel apples w/ Garbanzo beans – yuck! Then as I read the caption – an ahh/haa moment 🙂 Just had to share my little laugh. These look delish, BTW (w/ the carmaels – NOT garbanzos)

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