Birthstone Locket Mother's Day Gift Idea
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Birthstone Locket Necklace


Our Michael’s Makers challenge for the month was to create, or convince our husband and children to create, a Mother’s Day gift. I tried and tried to convince my husband that this would be a great project to tackle. But he didn’t bite. So, it was up to me to make something my mom would like for Mother’s Day. I’m pretty sure my mom loves her grandkids more than her own kids, so I made a Birthstone Locket with all 11 grandkids being represented by the birthstone of their birth month.

Birthstone Locket Mother's Day Gift Idea

I actually saw something similar to this being sold online a handful of years ago, but boy we’re they spendy! I’m sure they contained real jewels and precious metals, but they didn’t fit in our budget.

Birthstone Locket Mother's Day Gift Idea

So when I saw this line from Blue Moon Beads at Michaels I was excited. Now, in case the words “acrylic charms” don’t alert you, these are not real jewels. They are however inexpensive and when it takes 4 packages of birthstones to take care of all the grandkids you’ll be happy they don’t cost a ton.

Birthstone Locket Supplies

Birthstone Locket Mother's Day Gift Idea

This project is so easy that my kids, or husband, or kids and husband could handle it. The locket is magnetic, so begin by popping it open.

Birthstone Locket Mother's Day Gift Idea

Get the birthstones ready to go. My initial thought was to dump all the packages in a bowl, but then I realized that I don’t know what stone goes with what month. I also realized that I was going to have to write down all the kids and their birth month to keep them all straight.

Birthstone Locket Mother's Day Gift IdeaBirthstone Locket Mother's Day Gift Idea

From there I started matching months to months and adding the little jewels. Once all were added, I snapped the locket back together and inserted the chain. If another grand baby is added to the family we can easily open the locket and add another jewel.

Birthstone Locket Mother's Day Gift Idea

Now Grandma can keep the grandkids close even when they live hours away! Happy Mother’s Day!

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