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DIY Magnet & Message Boards

Hey it’s me Kirsten. I am sharing these fun DIY Magnet & Message Boards with all of you because they are SUPER easy and SUPER handy to have around. I load up these boards with all kinds of pictures of our family old and new, quotes, and messages. This first board I made for my sweet sister Jeannette. She is so wonderful and just loves anything handmade.



FABRIC:  the black and white fabric is from HOBBY LOBBY (one of the best places to buy cute/cheap fabric).

CANVAS: 16×20

SHEET METAL:  I purchased already cut from a local craft store 11×14

E6000 Glue:  industrial strength glue to use on metal or glass, I used it to glue the 11×14 sheet metal to the board

RIBBON:  white 1/2″ grosgrain ribbon

EMBELLISHMENTS: old buttons, jewels, silk flower

TITLE NAME:  background is from scrapbook paper, and the name part is digiscrapped on Photoshop with Rhonna Farrer’s Parisian Flair Alphebet (my favorite), and the bird from Shabby Princess (also my favorite).


I was daydreaming in Target one day (completely unpaid advertisement) you all know what I am talking about, and saw this bag. It was $1. Since I couldn’t find any green fabric I liked enough, I bought it. In fact, I bought 4 of them; two to cut up and two to use for packing summer things around.

After gluing it and stapling it and adding some 1 1/2″ grosgrain ribbon to the side…and a 12×12 piece of sheet metal…

It was done. I really like the randomness of the print. This one is parked next to the following board on my wall near my kitchen.


This is the same as BOARD #2 but I used some textured scrapbook paper on the front of this one for a slightly different but matching look. Oh and if you are wondering who’s darling baby that is on the front? It’s my girl Celeste’s baby boy and boy is he ADORABLE. I love the cute announcement she made and the great photography by the wonderful and amazing JESSICA KETTLE! Oh and that other picture…I must say that this is one of my favorites. It’s me when I was a wee tot and my daddy. He’s the best.

Thanks for stopping by the Crafting Chicks!


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  1. Oh my laws, I LOVE these!! I’ve always loved the ones hanging up in your kitchen and I am in love with the new one you made Jeannette. She’s gonna die when she sees it! What a good sister you are. 🙂 I love the little touch of the tag at the bottom with her name….I think I NEED to make one of those now.

  2. Kirsten you never cease to amaze! Shopping bags from target never knew life could be so good. I love you!

  3. Holy smokes. These are fantastic! I am going to have to try this….of course, I’ll have to get Becky to come help me because I have ZERO crafting skills. 🙂

  4. Cutting up the reusable bags? Oh my goodness. THAT is genius. I have so many of those little stinkers….that are too cute to throw away. But I just don’t use them a lot otherwise. (yes, yes, I should tote them all with me to Target and save the environment. But truth be told, I need the Target bags to put in my small garbage cans at home!)

    I think these are so cute! Love them.

    And I would like to give Brooke 1,500 points for saying “oh my laws.” I think that is awesome. And I haven’t said it in a really long time. I shall re-instate it in my vocabulary. (***disclaimer***points not really good for ANYTHING)

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