2019 Scripture Reading Chart
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2019 Scripture Reading Chart

We have two designs for 2019. The first, we kept simple for our 2019 Scripture Reading Chart with a black and white design using “Families are Forever”, the 2019 theme for Primary. This is our 6th year making a scripture reading chart and if you’ve used our charts in the past, you’ll noticed we changed some things on this design. If you like the old version with spots for FHE and temple attendance, scroll to the bottom as Jolyn from Have Joy Designs hooked us up.

Instead of a calendar, we have squares. Which will allow this chart to be used year after year.

The vertical style prints as a 16×20″ and is perfect for hanging on a wall and keeping track of family scripture study. You can color in each square, or use stickers (our family’s favorite) to mark the days you read! At the end of the year you will have a very colorful chart.

2019 Scripture Reading Chart

2019 Family Scripture Reading Chart

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Our horizontal design is an 8.5×11″ and can be printed from your home computer.

2019 Scripture Reading ChartDownload Box

If scripture reading is one of your family goals for 2019, I encourage you to read this post by Kirsten with some great tips of how to make it successful.

As promised above, here is the traditional layout we have used in the past, complete with spots to make off FHE and temple attendance at the bottom. It used the youth’s theme of “If you love me keep my commandments.” John 14:14


2019 Scripture Reading Chart -blueDownload the 16×20″ version

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2019 Scripture Reading Chart -blueDownload the 8.5×11 version

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  1. I have appreciated your past scripture reading charts SO much because I’ve used them to record multiple goals in addition to scripture reading such as temple attendance, reading the Ensign and FHE. I’ve written and tracked my other goals on the back of the sheet, so all my goals and reading log were on one sheet of paper. It’s been wonderful and I’ve been looking forward to your 2019 version. I can understand the reason you’ve simplified, but I’m sad that the new design will not allow me to use it as I have in the past. I’ll have to find something else. Thank you for all you do to spread good!

    1. Hi Liz,
      Thank you for your feedback. We have another chart being designed that will still have the FHE and temple spots on it. Just give us a few days and it will be available!

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