New Year's Wreath
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10 Minute Switch for a New Year’s Eve Party

Do you switch up your Christmas decor for New Year’s Eve? Ummmm, I don’t either, *except*,  I like to bring out a basket of goodies for New Year’s Eve AND I switch up a little something SO easy, you’ll feel like you’re #winning. Ok, so I typically put everything from Christmas away, a day or two after Christmas. I  just love the feeling a new year creates. Space to grow. I get a little neurotic and just want to “put it allllll away“. HA! However, some years I have been known to leave Christmas decor up until just after the new year. I’m a mess. Anyone out there like me? But this year, we are having a little New Year’s Eve party. Nothing too elaborate. So today, I am sharing a little 10 minute switch for new year’s eve.

Lately I’ve seen a lot of non-traditional Christmas decor, which is just super to me! Lots of ways to get creative. This wreath from Michael’s is technically “Christmas” but boy, I think you could use it through January and even February if you wanted. The gold makes it festive for New Year’s and the textures of all the different fabric make it cozy for January.

New Year's Wreath

After you’ve used the wreath for Christmas, don’t put it away! (p.s. I bought it for $17, on sale, you can find here ) (not affiliate link) Just take about 10 minutes to switch it up!



glitter chipboard sticky letters

jute rope


New Year's Wreath

Now, don’t blink! This goes fast.

Grab your letter packs and take out the letters for “Happy New Year”.

Peel part of the letter backing and press the jute rope between the chipboard letters and the backing. Press the backing over the rope, securing it a bit more to the chipboard.

New Year's Wreath

Tie the jute rope to the wreath; Drape and center letters

New Year's Wreath

Then take the scarf and tie it around the wreath. I got this idea from super talented Brooke from Nesting with Grace. Ah! I love this look!! After you wrap the scarf around the wreath, make a knot. You can hide the scarf once the knot is made. Just move things around. I added a scarf I hardly wear so it all works out! Still a very pretty scarf, I just don’t get a chance to wear it. But here you can see it with the scarf and without. I think it adds a punch. 🙂

I hope you like this! Have a very happy New Year!!!!

New Year's Wreath


New Year's Eve Wreath idea | A quick idea on changing your Christmas wreath to a New Year's wreath


New Years Wreath

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