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I’m so excited to share this post for so many reasons. This is the first post of an awesome INSTAGRAM series that we are doing with a handful of other bloggers and today is the BLOG HOP where you will find so many fun ideas to ignite your Instagram account while capturing a well-rounded snap shop of your life. Not only that, we are taking this action right to Instragram and we are having fun contests and the full launch of the contest is MONDAY so stay tuned and more info is at the bottom of this post.

Below are ten ideas for guaranteed Instagram Awesomeness, for a well-rounded and interesting Instagram feed. ENJOY.



1. PEOPLE YOU LOVE:  For well-rounded and interesting Instagram pics, it’s important to have pics of people you love. When you are with people you love, you are more beautiful and it tells a story about who you are and what you care about. Instagram is a great relationship builder. As you learn things about others and they learn about you, an instant bond begins to form.

2. INSPIRING:  People are drawn to positivity. One of the greatest ways to brighten someone’s day is to share something inspiring. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve been uplifted by a quote, a thought or a beautiful picture. People will want to follow you if you can inspire them.


3. BEAUTIFUL AND COLORFUL:  This is one of the more obvious ones. Since Instagram is very much visual form of social media, it’s important to capture those things that you find beautiful or colorful. When i’m looking to see if I want to follow a particular account and I don’t know them, I scan through their feed and I usually end up following those accounts with beautiful and colorful pics that grab my attention.


4. EVERYDAY MOMENTS:  The memory hoarder in me loves to capture the everyday moments. It’s the simple, or somewhat mundane, or typical moments that we later forget when they are gone. I want to look back one day and be able to remember how our everyday lives were just by looking at pictures.


5. UNFORGETTABLE:  Usually the most unforgettable moments for you end up producing intriguing pics for your followers. This also allows them to get to know you better and for you to get to know others better. Knowing another’s unforgettable moments gives you a peek into who they are very quickly.


6. REAL LIFE:  I like to add a dose of real life into my feed. When you can reveal something vulnerable, it draws people nearer to you. I like people to know that I am a real person with real struggles and someone that has to clean up real messes. With this, I get to show people that I am a total nerd as well.


7. STRANGE AND OUT OF THE ORDINARY:  This is a fun one. The three pictures above sparked a whole lot of interest on my feed awhile ago since they carried elements of intrigue. The two pics above are strange since a zebra doesn’t really belong in the snow, in Utah and furthermore s ZONKEY (half donkey half zebra). There was also a camel which was also cool. I’m drawn to these types of pics and I think others are too. The zoo pic was also fun because this polar bear did this to P about ten times in a row.


8. SILLY AND FUN:  When you are a mom, the silly and fun is rampant. One of my favorite things is to look through others’ pics and laugh at the silly and funny things their kiddos do.



9. PROFESSIONAL:  This is a great way to share one more part about yourself and to learn about others. Since my professional life is a HUGE part of my life, I share these parts as well. I share things specific to Crafting Chicks, my Photography business and my app Kid Chatteroo. Once again, another element you can use and utilize to build relationships.


10. FAVORITE THINGS:  Another fun thing about social media is finding others who share your same interests. When I see a photo on someone’s feed of them doing or showcasing something that we BOTH love, there becomes and instant bond. This is powerful is telling a well-rounded story while capturing a strong snap shot of who you are today.

With all these fun new tips, come and join us on Instagram !!!!

Now for some more Instagram fun.


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  1. I share quiet a range of photos on my instagram, from my own professional photos, to vacations, to my workouts, through-back-thursday photos, art, trees/blooms, and so much more! I try to keep myself in check by not posting too much to annoy my followers though. 🙂

  2. Ummm. How many followers do you have on InstaGram?

    Can’t be that much, because honestly not everyone’s IG page needs this. If your page is for business, leave family out of it.

    Try again.

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