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10 Favorite Things at Legoland Hotel

When planning at visit to Legoland, stay at the hotel! Here are our 10 favorite things at Legoland Hotel.

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We visited Legoland with a 10, 8, and 4 year old and they were the perfect ages for the park. Any older and I think they would have lost interest quickly. They loved Legoland but their absolute favorite part of our visit was staying at the Legoland Hotel! It was my favorite part of our visit too!

I’ve never been one to splurge and stay at a theme park hotel before – it has never seemed worth it to me. At the time we were going Legoland was running a promotion that included 4 free tickets with your stay – so we figured we might as well go for it. Ticket prices and a decent hotel room somewhere else would have cost us the same amount. And we are so glad we did! The kids keep asking to go back – to the hotel, not the park!

Here are our top 10 favorite things at Legoland hotel.

Pirate Room

We stayed in a basic pirate room, which has a queen bed and then in a separate room a bunkbed with a trundle. Which meant that no kids had to share a bed! The room is themed to the max with Lego creations and a treasure chest.

Treasure Hunt

The treasure chest is locked, but upon check-in you’re given a treasure hunt card with clues you can find around the hotel that will help you unlock the treasure chest. The kids had fun running (yes running it is the most kid friendly place I’ve ever stayed) around finding the clues and loved opening it up to find Legos they could play with while we were there and then take home!

Legoland Hotel Bathroom


Yep, I’m going here. The bathroom was designed for both kid and adult use. Including a smaller toilet seat, as well as the regular size. This would be so good if you were potty training, or have a recently potty trained kid to be able to go without packing your own potty seat. There’s a step stool at the sink, so they can wash their hands. Basically, it had all the conveniences of your kid’s bathroom at home. The shower head height was also adjustable, so you could quickly lower or raise it to meet your height as well.


The lobby has pits of Legos, and a castle with more Legos that kids can build with while waiting for mom and dad. We had to tear our kids away from these areas, as they would have stayed all day.

Building Contest

At night they have a building contest, where kids can bring their creations they’ve made from Legos in the lobby and enter them in a contest. There are age categories and the princess and knight that host the activity are very entertaining. We learned about the contest at the last minute, so our creations were very simple. It was obvious some kids had spent hours building, but our 4 year old came out the winner of her division. The prize was a certificate and $5 of Legoland money she got to use inside the park.

10 Favorite Things at Legoland HotelElevator

Once the doors close the party in the elevator begins. Music plays, a disco ball comes on and kids and adults start moving. It isn’t pretty dancing, but it sure is fun. As the elevator reaches the next floor the music stops and the light goes off as people move on and off, but as soon as the doors close you find yourself dancing with strangers till the next floor! This is our family’s very most favorite part of the hotel and they kept begging for one more ride after we checked out.


Bricks Family Restaurant serves up a delicious buffet with food from all across the globe. Even the most picky person is sure to find something to eat from whatever they are used to. Characters mingle and visit with guests as you eat.

Legoland Hotel PoolPool

Floating Lego bricks. Need I say more?

Legoland Hotel Dance Party

Dance Party

At night there’s a kids dance party, with lots of lights and a DJ to keep the kids moving. It is a great way to wear kids out and release some crazy energy before sending them to bed.

Close to Legoland

Legoland is literally right behind the back entrance to the hotel, which makes getting to the park a cinch and also returning back to the hotel for forgotten items or even an afternoon nap very convenient.

10 Reasons to Stay at Legoland hotel


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